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Our services will help you with day to day issues and problems and guide you to make the right decisions to earn more profit.

We help you smooth out any kinks in your accounting systems so they run smoothly. We work with each client to review all their accounts and make corrections so you have rock-solid financial statements to better manage your business. For those business owners who may need training understanding their financial statements, we conduct basic business seminars and remote software training. We assist you setting benchmarks and budgets so you can achieve your profit goals.

Our Accounting Services

Remote Quickbooks Software Support

If you are like me, when you have a problem with your accounting software, you just want someone to fix it for you and to fix it now. We connect directly to your computer through the Internet and can either fix the problem for you or walk you through fixing the problem.

Not only do we understand Quickbooks accounting software but we are accountants who understand business and can help you with problems specific to your business.

Monthly Bookkeeping

For many small to medium sized businesses employing a full-time accountant is too costly. It can be very cost effective to have us do all of your bookkeeping including customer invoicing and receipts, accounts payable, and bank and credit card statement reconciliations. We provide a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement each month.

Retroactive Income Statement Preparation

Do you need to file tax returns going back 3 years on your business? Maybe you give all your business receipts to your CPA in a shoe box and ask her to prepare your taxes. We can solve this paper nightmare. We will gather the information and prepare financial statements for your tax preparer and set you up with monthly or quarterly reporting so you can have current information to manage your business.

Breakeven Analysis

One critical thing for an owner or manager to know is how much of their product or service that has to be sold in order to “break even” (cover the businesses fixed costs). At the breakeven point the business profit is 0. Any additional sales greater than the sales at the breakeven point contributes to a growing profit for the business.

We look at all of your fixed and variable costs and review your margins in detail so that you have solid numbers from the analysis.

Cost Accounting

For construction companies, manufacturers, and various other businesses, costing out projects and products correctly is of utmost importance. We will help you get your costs and overhead applied to the right products and projects so you can manage your business more effectively.

Quickbooks Software Setup

From the commercials, I have heard you would think that Quickbooks accounting software will set itself up for you. I assure you this is not the case. We know Quickbooks software, but more importantly, we understand business. We can get your software and chart of accounts set up correctly the first time and train you how to use it. We can do this remotely over the Internet saving you time and money.

Controller Services

Currently, we are only doing this for Utah businesses. If your Controller or Accountant quits without giving you enough time to find a good replacement, we’ll be your Controller until a replacement is found.

We can also supervise or train accounting clerks, or reconcile your balance sheet accounts and review your books on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Budget Preparation

The fastest way to get your business on track is to set a sales and expense budget that you have to stretch to reach and then put in place an action plan to meet your budget. We will work with you to prepare a budget and then enter the information into your accounting system. Then you can compare your actual performance to the budget.

Business Plan Financial Statements

It is quite often that startup companies need to raise capital by selling securities. In their filings with the SEC a complete business plan is needed with accompanying financial statements. For years we have worked with startup companies and business plan writers to put together 3-year financial projections with accompanying balance sheet, cash flow statement, and notes.

Loan Application Packets

When you are applying for loans from banks or other financial institutions, it can be a real headache. Let us work with you to complete your loan application packets and talk with the loan officer to get them any supplemental information they may need from you for the loan.

Business Consulting

We thoroughly understand the business of numbers. When we consult you about your business we offer solutions based on your financial statements and business processes that can make a huge difference in your profitability.

Remote Accounting Assistance

When you contact us for help with your accounting system you get someone right here in the United States who can clearly understand your problems. You get accountants who understand not only accounting software but how businesses operate. We can setup your software and train you how to use it so you will have accurate numbers to manage your business by. The thing that makes this so EASY is that we can connect right to your computer through the Internet and walk you through fixing the problem.Contact us today by email or telephone.

I’m pleased my brother recommended On Track! Accounting Services to me even though I’m located several hundred miles away from their office. Michael set up QuickBooks on my Mac computer at my home office. He then works on my accounting remotely through the Internet. It is a great service with a personal touch. He can even help me with questions I have about billing my customers. We talk on the phone and look at the same computer screen. I love it.


Cover Y'alls

Michael has been a great bookkeeper for over a year now. He is very thorough in his work, handles everything that I don’t have time to do, and is very trustworthy. I would recommend Michael to any small business.


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Michael owner of On Track! Accounting Services has been doing the books for my restaurant for years now. I have been in the restaurant business for 30 years now and he has been one of the best accountants I have ever had. He puts together our financial statements each month and reconciles all of our bank accounts. I know my business and whenever I ask questions about my income statement he gets me an answer quickly. I would encourage you to consider using their services.