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“I’m pleased my brother recommended On Track! Accounting Services to me even though I’m located several hundred miles away from their office. Michael set up QuickBooks on my Mac computer at my home office. He then works on my accounting remotely through the Internet. It is a great service with a personal touch. He can even help me with questions I have about billing my customers. We talk on the phone and look at the same computer screen. I love it.”

~ Nancy | Cover Y’alls

“Michael owner of On Track! Accounting Services has been doing the books for my restaurant for years now. I have been in the restaurant business for 30 years now and he has been one of the best accountants I have ever had. He puts together our financial statements each month and reconciles all of our bank accounts. I know my business and whenever I ask questions about my income statement he gets me an answer quickly. I would encourage you to consider using their services.”

~ Mark | Burgerstop

“I met Michael with On Track in a business networking group and he has helped me with accounting for several years. I owned a retail floral shop for a number of years until closing it recently. I had an employee that didn’t know a lot about Quickbooks so Michael helped oversee her work and would come to my store and reconcile and correct my books and train my employee. He even helped me move when I closed my shop. I’d recommend his services to any business owner.”

~ Kathy Previous | Owner Two Designing Women

“I contracted with Michael owner of On Track! Accounting Services to put together an Income Statement for a business of mine so I could get my taxes done. It was pretty messy. I gave him a large box of receipts along with copies of credit card statements and bank statements. He put it all into Quickbooks and put together a Balance Sheet and Income Statement to give to my tax preparer. I’m so glad I didn’t have to deal with all that paper work.”

~ Tyler | Sector Nine Design

“Recently, I lost all of the accounting data that was entered in Quickbooks for my construction and landscaping company. Through Michael’s efforts we were able to set up my company in Quickbooks and reconstruct all of the information for 2008 so I could have my taxes prepared. He was a life saver. I don’t know where I could have found someone else to get this squared away for me at such a fair price.”

~ Kelly | Desert Lake, Inc.


 “My family owns some apartments in Wyoming. When we bought the apartments we needed to find a good accountant fast. Our payroll company (Paychex) recommended Michael with On Track! Accounting Services. He pays our bills and coordinates with our manager in Wyoming to get the sales information needed. Each month after putting the financial statements together he reviews and discusses the financial statements with me. I appreciate that because he really seems to know what the numbers are saying about our business. He has really done a great job for us. ”

~ Mark | Classic Lodge Apartments

“When Michael with On Track! Accounting Services started helping me with the accounting for my advertising business we had a huge mess. He took over all the billing, accounts payable, and other accounting processes and straightened everything out. I was freed to work full time on managing and growing the business. He is honest, thorough, and personable. I would highly recommend their services. ”

~ Deanna | Previous Owner Hometown Values Magazine

“Michael has been a great bookkeeper for over a year now. He is very thorough in his work, handles everything that I don’t have time to do, and is very trustworthy. I would recommend Michael to any small business.”

~ Bryant | 321 Pix