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on-track-network-1operated my own accounting company for going on 10 years and have worked with dozens of small to medium-sized business clients.

From years of experience, I know what kind of information and help is valuable to you. You can trust me to get you the right information to guide you through the pitfalls of business operations.

You probably have several questions in your mind about your accounting systems or how to operate your business more effectively and make more profit. You may not even have financial statements that you have confidence in or that you understand. Search no further because we’re here to help.

We all know the statistics about businesses. 80% will fail within the first 5 years and another 80% of the remaining 20% will fail during the 5 years following. I believe a big part of this failure is because too many small businesses owners don’t have accurate financial statements or don’t understand them. I’ll do anything I can to help you beat that trend.

Many small business owners attempt to wear every hat and do all the activities for their business even when they are lousy at it. My guess is that your strengths as an entrepreneur are not in accounting, legal work, or marketing. Those businesses I’ve seen that are most successful do what they do best and hire employees or subcontractors to help with tasks they are weak at. This allows their businesses to grow in a big way.

dsc0051adj-1If your business is doing well, I want to help get you to the next level. If you have a business that is not very profitable or struggling in other ways, we with the help of our business partners want to get you back on track and successful in every way.

Contact us today with any questions or problems you may have.

Here’s wishing you the most amazing success you can possibly imagine.

Michael Wolsey